Bring out your creative side with
our unfinished craft kits! For all of our available projects, we offer complete craft kits that contain all of the hard to find supplies. Each kit includes detailed instructions to guide you every step of the way and ensure that the end product is fantastic.

Whether you are buying one kit to make for yourself, or several for a large group project, we are here to help! Some reasons why our kits are such a great idea:

  • ONE-STOP SHOPPING: Instead of going to the hardware store, the craft store, getting someone to measure and cut the wood, ordering the vinyl, and the list goes on...make a SINGLE stop at one of our pick up locations and get everything at once!
  • ONLY PAY FOR WHAT YOU NEED: Rather than buying a whole sheet of beadboard when you only need a small piece, or a whole box of nails when you only need a few, pay for the EXACT AMOUNT you are going to use.
  • COST EFFECTIVE: Because we buy in bulk and have great relationships with our suppliers, we can usually get things at a lower cost than you would be able to get yourself. We have our measurements set up to get as much as we can from each piece of wood and metal, wasting as little as possible. This keeps our costs down.
  • HASSLE FREE: We do all of the hard stuff for you! This leaves you with the fun task of creating your project, without all the headache of coming up with everything on your own.
For a detailed list of kit pricing and contents, please refer to the craft tabs above. Next to each picture, you will find kit pricing and a list of what each kit contains. If you are interested in purchasing kits without the vinyl, a 10% discount will be given.

Please keep in mind that by nature craft projects will have some variation such as knot and divets in the wood. If you are looking for something that is perfect in every way you may be better off purchasing a factory made item from China.

Please allow two weeks from time of order. Kits are available for pickup in Stansbury Park, Herriman, and Layton. Some kits are also available for mail order (email us for shipping quotes). For shipping items you will need to plan on 2 weeks for us to fill the order and another 3-7 days for shipping.

If you are planning a Super Sat. or another large craft event, please keep in mind that you will need to charge your participants for paint, brushes, drop clothes etc. if you are planning on providing them. THESE ITEMS ARE NOT included in our kits. Kits for Super Sat. are not individually packaged.

Already have some one to do your vinyl? We can deduct 10% off your order if you would like to supply your own vinyl.