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I have been teaching craft classes for the past two years all over Utah, and have had a great time meeting new people and sharing my ideas. My favorite part of teaching classes is watching other people realize what cute things they can make on their own, and being so impressed and surprised at what they were able to make.

My husband and I live in Stansbury Park, UT and we love it here. Two little boys call me mom and keep me busy and laughing most of the time. It's great to have a creative outlet when I need a break from Ninja Turtles and sippy cups. Thanks for looking, and I hope you enjoy our products!


For the past three years I have been running a home decor business called Along the Avenue. My little company has made items for home decor stores such as Rodworks and Sweetbriar Hollow. I love the concept of being able to offer similar products that I sold to these stores at a discounted price, for people to be able to make on their own! I love watching people put their love and energy into a project that they are making for their own home, or as a gift.

I live with my family in Herriman, Ut. My husband and I have two little boys, a five year old and a 21/2 year old. My first devotion is to them, but I love having a side project to keep my mind occupied.