We also offer vinyl! Order the vinyl from one of our projects (see more info. below), or come up with your own custom saying. Simply choose your font, your saying, and the color of vinyl you would like and e-mail us at simplycreative@live.com for a price quote.


0-3 in. tall: $4.00/ft.
31/2 in. -61/2 in. tall: $6.00/ft.

7 in. - 14 in. tall: $8.00/ft.

Beige, Black, Chocolate, Brick Red, Bright Red, Hot Pink, Soft Pink, Lilac, and Periwinkle.


Vinyl Only Kits

We are now offering what we call Vinyl Only Kits. These kits come with the vinyl needed for our craft projects, step-by-step instructions and a list of needed supplies, including measurements. They do not include any wood or metal. The main purpose behind these vinyl only kits is to offer a cheaper shipping alternative for those of you living out of state. Pricing for these kits below is listed below. For pictures of the vinyl, click on the individual craft tabs at the top of the page.

Recipe Board: $1.95

Mom's Magnetic Board: $2.95

Sm. Mom's Magnetic Board: $1.45

SIGN - Family Life's Greatest Blessing: $5.95

SIGN - Peace, Love, Joy: $4.95

Family Home Evening Board: $8.45

HOME Blocks: $3.95

FAMILY Blocks: $3.95

Initial Plaque: $4.95

Sign- Life is Precious Handle With Prayer: $5.95

24" Clock - Roman or Regular #'s 1-12: $7.95

12" Children's clock thin #'s 1-12: $4.95

12" Children's clock thick #'s 3, 6, 9 & 12: $3.95

Halloween Plaque: $4.95

Beware Sign: $5.95

FALL Blocks: $5.45

Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins: $4.95

Merry Christmas Plaque: $4.95

Snow Blocks:$3.95

The Stockings Were Hung: $4.45

Happy Holidays/Santa I can Expaling: $1.45

Christmas Wisemen Still Seek Him: $7.45

Mini Signs: Not Available